Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi

Ruckus is into selling wireless networking equipment and software based in CA.


  • Ruckus has adaptive directional antenna technology called BeamFlex that adjusts to changes in the Radio Frequency (RF) environment providing stronger signals.
  • Customers need not sacrifice end user experience to reap the benefits of the cloud. Ruckus Cloud platform includes cloud-managed switching and cloud-managed in-building LTE service based on OpenG™ technology where customers can access to all of these services through the same intuitive interface.
  • Ruckus’ access points can support up to 500 simultaneous connections on a single node.
  • The Ruckus ZonePlanner is a Smart Wi-Fi RF simulation that integrates Ruckus’ adaptive antenna patterns.
  • With AI and ML techniques Ruckus gives you troubleshooting tools to react quickly to service-affecting issues or stopping network anomalies from rising to the service-affecting level.



  • AI-enabled network management-as-a service platform to manage all wired and wireless networks from anywhere using the intuitive web interface or our native mobile app.
  • Simplifies wired and wireless network administrative tasks using built-in multisite management tools.
  • Leverages AI for network intelligence and service assurance with root cause analyses and specific recommendations for resolving each incident. This helps in troubleshooting with speed and precision.
  • Exceptional Wi-Fi experience with Wi-Fi APs and multigigabit ICX switches.