VMware is into virtualization, network virtualization, cloud infrastructure, IT operations, Data Center Operations and Security. VMware is credited with virtualizing the x86 architecture.

Its ecosystem of more than 75K partners solves their toughest challenges of industries with AI, ML, Blockchain, Kubernetes, and Edge Computing technologies.


  • Help organisations to be productive with secure access to all apps.
  • Built on full-stack hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology.
  • Get virtual remote attached FPGAs, GPUs, and ASICs for any AI Application.
  • Virtualize old servers or workstations running on legacy hardware and reduce maintenance cost, power consumption, and cooling costs.
  • Run multiple or isolated OS.
  • Network sets of OS for test completion and server architecture development.
  • Makes sandbox testing easy to create, use, and discard.
  • Allows the user to boot into bios.
  • Powered by vSphere 7 with Kubernetes
  • Easy to create virtual OS, Linux distro.


App Modernization

       1. Tanzu Mission Control

  • Power modern apps to move faster in development by giving self-service access to Kubernetes to developers.
  • Centralised Kubernetes for scalability, policy management, and global visibility across clusters.
  • Supports apps with easy access, cluster inspection for boosting the security.

       2. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

  • Advantage developers with a self-service catalogue of application components, databases and runtimes tested in various platforms and well maintained helping enterprises to streamline operations across cloud platforms. This saves the developer’s time to write code.
  • Make modern apps perform with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. Keep workloads secure for all development team.
  • Top solutions for enterprise environments in managing virtual machines as well as containerised solutions.
  • Developers can deploy and scale all clusters with pre-integrated and validated components without downtime.
  • Work locally have visibility of teams, clusters and workloads.
  • Enterprise-ready Kubernetes operating model with vSphere integration.

       3. Tanzu Application Catalog

  • Developer convenience with open source software from Bitnamie collection.
  • Test containers, charts and maintain in the self-service catalog and focus on writing code.
  • Run audits by accessing open-source libraries and binaries container wise through intuitive UI.
  • Scope of use cases like standardized open-source software for app development, innovating DevOps to DevSecOps, and productivity boost for developers.

       4. Tanzu Application Service

  • A new application run time supporting cloud-native software helping in continuous delivery.
  • Default security with automated application service.
  • Speedily execute the idea to production by deploying as many custom codes in a month helping brisk develop teams.
  • Wide use cases for sectors like telcos, insurers, automobile, banks, and retailers.
  • Increase operational efficiency by automating operational tasks.
  • Exercise control on different frameworks like .NET, Java, Ruby, Node.js, PHP etc.

       5. Tanzu Observability by Wavefront

  • Delivering enterprise observability with custom metrics, proactive alerting, and quick insights.
  • Roll out enterprise-grade observability to developers, SREs with shareable dashboards, histograms and advanced analytics.

       6. VMware Tanzu Service Mesh

  • Robust security, operation consistency for cloud-native applications with automated running and observations functions.
  • A service mesh solution for multicluster users on the NSX platform giving them API-level visibility, control, and security over disparate teams.


VMware Cloud Foundation

  • Hybrid cloud platform for managing VMs and orchestrating containers offering secure infrastructure and operations across the private and public cloud.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

  • Combining the agility of the public cloud with the security and control of on-premises infrastructure, delivered as-a-service to a data center and edge locations where VMware operates the entire infrastructure end-to-end.
  • Optimized for demanding workloads, the latest release has Dual 24 Core Processors, up to 96 virtual CPU capacity, 768 Gigabytes of RAM and 23 TB NVMe flash storage.
  • Drive consistent operations of any enterprise workload using familiar VMware tools.

VMware Cloud on AWS

  • Business continuity by migrating and protecting your VMware environment by extending your on-premises vSphere environment to the AWS Cloud.

VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts

  • Avail the on-premises as-a-service offering that integrates VMware’s enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center software that runs on next-generation, dedicated, elastic Amazon EC2 bare-metal infrastructure, delivered on-premises and remote AWS cloud services.

Virtualizing Business Critical Applications

  • Gets maximum hardware resources without compromising application performance.
  • Makes applications more mobile and easily migrated to any server in the environment.
  • Increase the availability of SAP applications, using virtual machine clones.