Popular open-source virtualization technology configured into Linux®. Launched in 2006 KVM merged into the mainline Linux kernel version in 2007. This virtual server will act on with its kernel, network card, graphics adapter, disk, etc.


·         Comes with a loadable kernel module, a processor specific module, KVM-intel.ko provides the virtualization solution on x86 hardware.

·         Contains virtualization extensions (Intel VT or AMD-V).

·         Enterprises can run Linux and Windows virtual machines on the same hardware.


KVM Hypervisor

·         Allows multiple OS sharing a single hardware host.

·         Linux kernel serves as a Type 2 Hypervisor managing and improving performance in virtual environments.

·         Provides Virtual Machine environments; coordinates calls for memory, processor, network, hard disk and other resources through host operating system.

·         Provides advanced security with its SE Linux security system.

·         Work same as a dedicated server.