Software – Red Hat

IBM subsidiary offering open-source software for businesses. Competitor of Microsoft OS with its product Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


  • Robust technology that helps enterprises with hybrid cloud infrastructure, digital transformation, automation, cloud-native development.
  • Align your business processes to your digital strategy with Red Hat technologies.
  • Helps enterprises to scale IT strategy through a collaborative service delivery model.
  • Red Hat – x86 virtualization on KVM hypervisor supporting 400 hosts.



  • Red Hat OpenShift Container
  • Red Hat Directory Server
  • Red Hat OpenShift


  • Red Hat Virtualization
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Automation & Management

  • Red Hat Satellite
  • Red Hat Ansible


  • Red Hat Fuse
  • Red Hat AMQ
  • Red Hat 3Scale

App Dev

  • Red Hat Process Automation Manager
  • Red Hat Application Runtimes
  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • Red Hat SSO/Keycloak
  • Red Hat Data Grid
  • Red Hat Decision Manager
  • Red Hat JBoss EAP
  • Red Hat JBoss Web Server