A trusted leader in cybersecurity partnering with Fortune 500 enterprises, organizations and government agencies delivering top critical security controls, including asset discovery, secure configuration management, vulnerability management and log management. Pioneers in file integrity monitoring (FIM) track record of minimizing attack surfaces.


  • Automatically detect changes with security automation.
  • Vulnerability intelligence by combining business context, prioritised approach, incident detection and investigation.
  • Enhanced security with DevOps workflow.
  • Granular endpoint intelligence for threat detection.
  • Sophisticated FIM and SCM giving complete control of your IT environment.
  • Automatic file analysing technology.


Tripwire Enterprise

  • Quick threat detection, changes, anomalies.
  • Deep visibility of security posture any time giving insights on what’s most important, what has changed, how, and by whom.
  • Automated regulatory compliance.

Tripwire IP360

  • Responding to threats and prevents future incidences.
  • Detect every change, give alerts and integrations simultaneously providing granular endpoint intelligence.

Tripwire ExpertsOps

  • A pack of software, ongoing consulting, and tailored assistance.
  • Performance measurement to ensure compliance and security requirements.

Tripwire Industrial Visibility

  • ML-enabled network mapping and blocking attack vectors.
  • Passive scanning without interrupting operations.
  • Automated security controls.

Tripwire Log Center

  • Capture and retain log data.
  • Real-time visibility on critical events.
  • Automatic identification and response to events of interests.

Tripwire File Integrity Manager

  • Creates focus, address trouble spots, and detect low-risk change from high-risk change.


Tripwire Configuration Manager

  • Secure configuration policy enforcement through automated enforcement.
  • Fix all risks through prioritised risk scoring.
  • Multi-cloud support through a single console.