Pioneers in IT, network security having a presence in more than 27 locations worldwide.


  • Analytics-driven SIEM to give visibility across multi-cloud environments.
  • Helping enterprises to collect, de-duplicate, and prioritize threat intelligence from diverse sources.
  • Leverages ML detected anomalies to optimize security operations, reduce complexity, and speed up the threat response.


Splunk® Enterprise

  • Automating machine data alerts.
  • Use AI and ML for meaningful action.
  • Data insights for everyone in the organisation.

Splunk® Enterprise Security

  • Detect threats speedily.
  • Stop managing complex hardware, help teams to focus on high value security tasks.
  • Improve security with analytics. Do tasks like risk scoring, alert management and event sequencing quickly.

Data Stream Processor

  • Quickly analyse opportunities and threats through data manipulation or spotting early trends.
  • Give access to users to all data streaming thereby enabling enterprise wide data delivery.
  • Manipulate and monitor data by formatting, filtering, and sending subsets of data.