Powerful network security solutions from Fortinet that can reliably provide a valid indicator of compromise (in jargon, IOC) able to collect intrusion and compromise elements for individual hosts and proactively protect the same hosts from individual targeted attacks. Works well in cloud-native environments with high storage capacity.


  • An SIEM solution which aggregates all the system generated logs into a single pane of view combined with some analytics resulting in actionable intelligence,
  • Integrates perfectly with any device whether they belong to the Fortinet Security Fabric topology or individual on-prem devices.

Highly automated security system allowing us to strengthen our infrastructure and reduce cyber-attacks


Fortinet FortiSIEM 5.2.6

  • Provide CMDB and performance monitoring in a SIEM.
  • Accelerate network performance, protects every infrastructure edge with zero-trust network access, identifying and securing entities both on and off the network.
  • Offers a report builder platform with fully customizable graphs and scheduling functionality so that repeated data discoveries occur at pre-set days and times.
  • Inventory and configuration management database (CMDB) discovery gives precise business-service monitoring that reports all anomalous network activities.