Taiwan based storage technology designer with extensive experience in data protection, data management, and high-quality data storage systems.


  • Full virtualization support.
  • Automatic choosing of path that fits your current workload.
  • Same application efficiency in difference scenarios.
  • Safest data protection through ZFS Snapshot.


1. XEVO 1.1

  • Providing complete data analytics thereby helping users to reduce repetitive tasks.
  • Improves storage confidentiality with intuitive XEVO FW 1.1.

2. XCubeFAS 2000 Series

  • Predictable performance through consolidating many workloads. Provides data protection from accidental or intentional data corruption. Data needs to be managed and protected.
  • Meeting the requirements like database, virtualization, media editing, and IoT.

3. QSM 3.2

  • Designed for QSAN XCubeNAS series, QSM has powerful storage features offering protection against data corruption, seamless capacity expansion, several data integrity mechanisms, pool and disk encryption protection, unlimited snapshots, and unlimited clones.
  • Guaranteed system performance with your storage, standardized management interface.

4. XCubeNXT 8000 Series

  • Enhanced efficiency, simple deployment, assured performance, time cost reduction.
  • In the face of more demand enterprises can expand the hardware and capacity.
  • High scalability supporting up to 434 bays and 6.1PB.
  • Manage 1000 units one time with unified central monitoring system and RESTful API, highly integrated all QSAN products.
  • Data protection during power failures.

5. XCubeNAS 8000 Series

  • Efficient data storage system with VMware® Ready, Citrix® Ready, and Microsoft® Hyper-V, the XCubeNAS is a stable and efficient data storage system.
  • Capable of hosting multiple virtualized environments ensuring various customized services and applications are well presented avoiding additional hardware investment.

6. XN7000 Series

  • With the disk self-encrypting technology called SED (Self-Encrypting Drive), even if the physical drive is stolen or misplaced, the data on it remains protected against data breach.
  • The built-in hypervisor manager helps you save on listening costs, by transferring virtual resources onto the XcubeNAS and remove valuable resources on your hypervisor.

7. XCubeNAS 5000 Series

  • WORM technology to prevent intentional or unintentional modification of data ensuring integrity and accuracy of data.
  • Backup all data to your XCubeNAS with QSANs free utility, XReplicator as a bare metal backup.
  • With ZFS snapshots, administrators can easily take control data version and execute point-in-time recovery on XCubeNAS by flexibly restored methods.

8. XCubeNAS 3000 Series

  • Data recovery to Mac anytime.
  • Built-in antivirus technology that automatically quarantines questionable files.