American server and storage firm providing hybrid cloud data services. NetApp, a global leader in the hybrid cloud data field, focuses on IT transformation, automation across the core, edge ad cloud. Their data storage systems have a unique reputation in the industry.


  • Unified storage architecture for scalable storage and data management.
  • Robust Snapshot™ and disk-to-disk replication technologies to modernize backup and recovery of enterprise data.
  • Easily fits together in enterprise IT environments
  • Snapshot/SnapMirror technology to safeguard important data and drive operational efficiencies.
  • Easy to administer remote sites with SnapVault disk-based storage backup feature in NetApp.
  • Easy data replication and disaster recovery with Snapmirror to a DR site.
  • Advantage of servicing and upgrading systems during office working hours.


SolidFire All-Flash Array

  • Excellent gird architecture to perform rolling upgrades without hurting performance.
  • Granular control of workloads with VVOL capabilities.
  • Node addition feature to improve performance and system capacity.
  • One shared system for thousands of apps.

FF A-Series All-Flash Arrays

  • Helping businesses to accelerate apps, scale to wring maximum value from data.
  • Decrease app performance time with a software upgrade to NVMe over Fibre Channel (NVMe/FC).
  • Increase workload performance with Newest NVMe-oF technology.
  • High performance for AI workloads NoSQL, Hadoop etc.

NetApp HCI

  • High performance for diverse apps with NetApp HCI across the enterprise data center.
  • Reduce IT workforce burden with the integration of NetApp.
  • Improve cloud service delivery.

FAS Hybrid Flash Arrays

Meant for consolidated SAN and NAS environments in the enterprise virtualization, backup and recovery.

FAS9000 – for large businesses

Scalable to 24 nodes.

FAS8200 for large businesses

Scalable for NAS and SAN workloads.

FAS2700 – for mid-sized businesses

Begins at 10TB and scalable up to 17PB.

E-Series Hybrid Flash

Meant for use cases like video surveillance, data analytics, disk back that require SAN storage. All series E5700, E5600, E2800 have 99.9999% availability.

E5700 – for data-intensive businesses.

E5600 – for capacity intensive apps.

E2800 – for small firms that need combined workload performance both high and low.

NetApp StorageGRID

  • Store unstructured data, place content inappropriate storage tier.
  • Optimise workflows by placing content in the right location.

OnCommand Insight IT

  • On-premises monitoring of vendors.
  • Swift addressing of IT failures.
  • Create business alignment with show-back reporting that gives accountability also.

ONTAP Select

  • Cloud storage agility to move/replicate data without disruption.
  • Dynamic scale feature to meet changing business requirements.