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  • Offers a large selection of form factors from 2.5-inch small form factor (SFF): 2U 24/ 2U 25 to 3.5-inch large form factor (LFF): 1U 4/ 2U 8/ 2U 12/ 3U 16/ 4U 24/ 4U 60-bay and desktop 5/8-bay.
  • Automatically adjusts the data processing mode for the IO behaviour of the underlying application, be it is small file based (such as database) or large file-based applications, delivering top performance.
  • Get a high performance/capacity cluster system with up to 100+ GBps Read/Write speed and more than 100PB of storage meeting the needs of future data growth by adding more CS units (nodes).
  • Scale-out and scale-up expansion feature for HD editing and production.
  • Excellent load balance features when many user’s access data simultaneously, allowing the system sharing the workload through parallel processing across all nodes in the system, avoiding single node performance limitations.
  • Built-in data compression and deduplication features that reduces the amount of cloud data space used.


  1. EonStor CS
  • Guaranteed performance/capacity cluster system with up to 100+ GBps Read/Write speed and more than 100PB of storage for the needs of future data growth.
  • Offers an all-flash model, CS 4025B, to deliver optimal SSD performance, including low latency, extended SSD lifespan, and faster data transfer.
  • Supports two capacity expansion solutions, horizontal scalability (scale-out) and vertical scalability (scale-up) allowing you to add more devices (up to 144 nodes) to increase both capacity and performance.
  • EonStor CS offers multi-layer data protection on hard disks, node, and cluster levels. If any of the elements fails data will not be lost, or the system performance will not be affected.
  • EonStor CS offers SED (Self-Encrypting Drive) and WORM (Write Once Read Many) data protections mechanism protecting confidential data from being hacked. It automatically executes full disk encryption when a write job is performed by using the embedded encryption key.
  1. EonStor GSa Family
  • Enterprise All Flash Array Storage GSa 2000-GSa5000 power of flash storage offering high acceleration for enterprise applications, such as database, virtualization, VDI, Microsoft Exchange, and M&E-related applications. GSa 5000 series offers the highest performance for extreme I/O workloads.
  • GSa family provides optimal SSD performance with low latency and extensive SSD lifespan. Can handle more than 700K IOPS for random reads with less than 0.5 milliseconds response time.
  • Reduce storage management complexity with Easy Web-based management interface remote.
  1. EonStor GSc Family
  • Hybrid cloud storage appliances to streamline cloud deployment and access by moving and managing data between local and cloud transparently.
  • Offers differentiated features in cloud cache, cloud backup, and cloud tiering.
  • Advantage enterprise IT applications with general file or block-level and the local and cloud data through the common protocols (e.g., NFS/CIFS/iSCSI/Fibre).
  • Data access fast as local! GSc designates the local storage to act as cloud cache by placing frequently accessed data on the local side, allowing most of data access to be as fast as local.
  1. EonStor GS Family

GS 1000, GS 2000, GS 3000, GS 4000, GS 5000

  • EonStor GS assists users to expand their data storage to cloud by adjusting system setups in line with the actual requirements, all in one storage system.
  • Set up EonStor GS as a hybrid flash storage, combine with either SSD Cache or Automated Storage Tiering to achieve simplified management and proper use of resources.
  • EonStor GS can assist customers to move file or block level data to public or private clouds based on the requirements. Moreover, it can also backup data to the cloud to establish a remote backup architecture, creating a high availability data center.
  1. EonStor GSe Family
  • EonStor GSe (GSe) supports high definition video collaboration by integrating DaVinci Resolve project server database on the GSe, and provides the EonView, an automated agent software that supports Windows and macOS workstations. This helps video editors to easily deploy storage and network settings without help from IT team.
  • EonStor GSe 1000 the entry level enterprise solutions designed for SMBs and ROBOs gives complete data storage, file sharing, and cloud integration, allowing IT personnel to efficiently manage all kinds of light SAN and NAS workloads.
  • The EonStor GSe 4000 Gen2 is a high-performance enterprise storage solution that can handle large amounts of file transfers even under high workloads. It is especially suitable for heavy workloads or 4K and can effectively assist enterprises or video studios to improve overall productivity.
  • EonOne management software assists customers in improving storage and service efficiency for increased productivity.
  • EonStor GSe assist users to expand their data storage to cloud by adjusting system setups according to actual requirements, all in one storage system.
  1. EonStor GSe Pro Family
  • EonStor GSe Pro is a single controller solution exclusively designed for SMBs, integrating SAN and NAS services as well as Cloud Gateway features. Enterprises can deploy under a general NAS architecture for cloud synchronization, file sharing, backup, video editing etc.
  • The rackmount EonStor GSe Pro 3000/1000 are entry level enterprise NAS solutions designed for SMBs and ROBOs giving complete data storage, file sharing, and cloud integration, with reliable performance to meet the various needs of light applications. The EonStor GSe Pro 3000 comes with an expandability of up to 4PB storage capacity to assist enterprises future data growth requirements.
  • The EonStor GSe Pro desktop series is a cost-effective enterprise NAS solution with complete data storage, file sharing, and hybrid cloud features. This series helps IT administrators efficiently manage data storage and file sharing across platforms (Windows, Linux, and macOS).
  • GSe Pro family unified storage support block-level and file-level application access and integrates NAS/SAN/Cloud storage in one system.
  • EonOne management software help customers improve storage and service efficiency.
  1. EonStor DS Family
  • The EonStor DS 4000/3000 series have exceptional SAN transmission performance to handle large amounts of I/O even under high workloads. The DS 4000 is perfect for the performance-conscious, while the DS 3000 is ideal for the budget-conscious.
  • The EonStor DS 2000/1000, entry level enterprise solutions are designed for SMBs and ROBOs. It provides non-stop services and complete data backup features to allow IT personnel to efficiently manage all kinds of light SAN workloads.
  • The EonStor DS supports a maximum data throughput of 11,000/5,500 MB/s and IOPS of 700K while providing numerous high-speed protocols such as 16Gb/s FC and 40Gb/s iSCSI to handle various enterprise critical applications.
  1. EonServ Family
  • EonServ is exclusively designed for enterprises, providing complete storage protection (RAID 1, 5, 6) with an easy-to-use management software (EonOne Lite) to effectively lower deployment costs and maintain complexity.
  • The EonServ 7000 is a high-performance enterprise solution, with a hardware design that adopts two Intel E5 8-core processors to handle great amounts of I/O and file transfers even under high workloads. It can completely meet all storage and data handling needs of large enterprises and SMBs, effectively increasing overall productivity.
  • EonServ assists customers improve storage and service efficiency by adopting the SANWatch management software. Its multi-feature interface design allows for central management of multiple systems for IT personnel to monitor performance and capacity usage, and complete all related system configurations.