Google Cloud Platform

Cloud computing – Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution from Google for enterprises, individuals using products like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Search.


  • Fully integrated with Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Build, Cloud Code, and Cloud Logging giving developers an enhanced experience. 
  • Helping enterprises to create websites and complex applications.
  • All-in-one cloud platform for enterprises in India seeking GCP consulting services in India by integrating storage, computing, data, analytics, and ML platform.
  • Ensures live migration of Virtual Machines with no downtime.


Cloud Storage

  • Data configuration with OLM helping enterprises to manage storage costs.
  • Secure, durable, and scalable cloud storage for any workload.

Google Kubernetes Engine

  • Helping enterprises to speed up every stage of the build-and-deploy lifecycle.
  • Improve operational efficiency with release channels that fit your business needs.
  • Get another layer of security between containerized workloads on GKE providing you extra workload security.
  • Automatic scaling of node pool and clusters across multiple node pools meeting dynamic workload requirements.

Cloud Run

  • Helping developers to deploy any container by write code in their favourite languages.
  • Application portability feature with inbuilt Knavite.


  • A saleable and serverless cloud data warehouse that gives business agility.
  • Analyze datasets, predict business outcomes with built-in BigQuery ML.
  • Create reports and dashboards with BigQuery BI Engine.
  • Augment analytics workflows with location intelligence with BigQuery GIS.
  • derive insights from big data with Connected Sheets.