Global technology provider helping more than 50k businesses to virtualize and secure business applications, workspaces and network services. They have their presence across India, Japan, Germany, and UAE.

Their specialities include Application Virtualization, Enterprise Mobility, BYOD, Desktop Computing, Data Security, and Desktop Virtualization.


  • Access business apps regardless of devices without network adapter installation.
  • High performance with simple remote access deployment.
  • Control and restrict Internet access on endpoints.
  • Built-in load balancing to scale thousands of users.
  • The secure sandbox that restricts users to run limited applications.


1. HyWorks

  • Accops HyWorks suite creates, host, manage and deliver virtual desktop, application environment providing 360-degree management of endpoint devices.
  • Experience the benefit of server-based computing against PC computing by migrating apps to data centres.
  • Users can exercise centralised control on any device from a central location.

2. HySecure

  • Application access anywhere, anytime, regardless of device.
  • Secure access to enterprise apps and desktops with seamless virtualisation.
  • Advanced security with two-factor authentification.

3. HyID

  • Simple multifactor authentication based on OTP, device hardware ID, PKI, and biometrics validations.
  • Prevents identity threats from unchecked access of privileged users
  • Stopping privileged rights misuse with detailed audit logs on access information on time of access, by whom and, where.

4. HyDesk

  • Simple desktop computing management with green endpoint devices by replacing legacy applications.
  • Enhanced security with device activity monitoring, session, idle activity tracking, and power management.
  • Management from a centralized console for a variety of devices.

5. HyLite

  • Realise zero management of endpoints with agentless browser-based access with HTML5 browser.
  • Super-fast application access.
  • Application access to any device regardless of location, device, or browser.

6. HyLabs

  • Custom-built desktop virtualization for varsities and training institutes helping stakeholders anytime access regardless of location.
  • Remote lab access for students anywhere.