Know more about Network Security

What is network security?
Having effective network security programs in place helps companies do business with peace of mind. Network security protects data from malicious hackers and threats. It is a strategy to monitor unauthorized access, exploitation and modifications of a company's networking assets.
What is the main purpose of having network security?
These goals are collectively known as the CIA Triad or CIA Trilogy: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.
What is network security and why is it important?
It's basically a lock and key concept for your company's critical data to be safe from unauthorized users. Firms need to set up a robust security system to keep away data thefts and sabotage.
How do I benefit from network security?
Protecting your network and eventually your data needs to be the top most priority as data is called the new oil. Protecting data means protecting your firm's reputation.
What are the types of network security?
Firewalls, network segmentation, antivirus and antimalware software, access control, application security, behavioral analytics, data loss prevention, email security, intrusion prevention systems, mobile device security, security information and event management, VPN, web security, wireless security.