Know more about Network Security Audit Services

What Is a Network Security Audit?
Network security audit also known as information security audit, is a technical assessment of a company's IT systems. A professional IT firm makes use of processes and digital solutions to assess the quality and security of a business network environment, including the operating systems at work and the entire applications gamut.
What are the things to keep in mind during an audit review?
Firewall - IT personnel should review firewall configuration, check for security vulnerabilities, and should ensure it is being patched regularly with the necessary firmware updates
Anti-virus and anti-malware software - to evaluate whether all systems, including servers, are protected by updated anti-virus and anti-malware software
And also checking and implementing active directory to reduce threats, having a strong password approach and by taking ncessary backups.
What are the benefits of network security assessment?
Solves network inefficiencies and errors
Helps discover hardware issues
Uncovers security vulnerabilities
Offers recommendations and solutions
Helps reduce IT's workload
What are the issues one can uncover in an audit?
Underused or overused resources
Congested bandwidth
Poor network configuration
Security holes
Already compromised security
Lack of regulation or policy compliance
What is network security and why is it important?
It's basically a lock and key concept for your company's critical data to be safe from unauthorised users. Firms need to set up a robust security system to keep away data thefts and sabotage.