British software major into network security, communication endpoint, encryption, device security. Great name for powerful anti-virus/data security for all endpoint devices like mobiles, laptops/desktops, servers, used in organizations through a single console.


• Stops zero-day malware, stealthy attacks.
• Works in conjunction with the firewall detecting and isolating compromised devices.
• Advanced anti-ransomware functionality detecting earlier unknown attacks in seconds.
• Uses deep learning technology to detect known and unknown malware.
• Block techniques used to steal credentials.
• Cloud-managed antivirus to protect multiple devices.



Firewall Xstream

• Exposing every risk activity, suspicious traffic for network control.
• Blocking unknown threats with powerful next-gen technologies.
• Prevents threat from spreading by quickly identifying compromised systems.
• Easy to deploy with easy to use VPN Client.
• Small XG 86(w) and SD-RED devices for WFH/remote connectivity.
• Built-in or app-based VPN options for safe connectivity.

Sophos Wireless

• Manage Wireless on its own or with Endpoint, Server, mobile, encryption etc.
• Risk reduction of Wi-Fi networks with Security Heartbeat™ functionality.
• Sophos guidance for set up, registering access points.
• Advantage of single pane of glass for all security solutions.

Other Products

a. Intercept X Endpoint

• Advanced AI/ML/ Deep Learning technology against malware and non-malware protection.
• Automatic threat prioritisation and detection.
• Exploit prevention, data theft, through blocking techniques
• Threat response through targeted attacks.
• Risk mitigation stopping credential theft, malicious traffic, and persistence on machines.
• Ensure workflow with encrypted files returning to normal state.
• Easy to locate the theft with post clean-up information.

b. Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR)

• Threat alerts by hunting threats and incidents and enabling you to remotely neutralise threats.
• Remote Sophos MTR team to work alongside users.

c. Sophos Central

• Endpoint protection through signatureless ant ransomware and root cause analysis.
• Advanced Security Heartbeat™ oversees synchronisation of endpoint protection and firewall enabling you to spend less time for threat response.
• Minimum threat impact by automatic isolation of compromised end points.
• Partner dashboard with intuitive interface helping you manage licenses, alert response, and renewal tracking dates of the product.

d. Cloud Optics

• Plugging loopholes in public cloud security by detecting, responding, and preventing threats.
• Instant visualisation of high value workloads, hidden data breach points.
• Quick detection of suspicious console login events, API calls and assumed-role-API calls of the remote invader.
• Integrated alert monitoring with Cloud Optix Rest API with PagerDuty, Amazon SNS, Amazon GuardDuty, Jira, Slack, ServiceNow and alert information as and when required.