Firewall- Cisco Meraki

Firewall solutions from the firewall leader. Cisco connects people to access information regardless of time, place or device. Two scientists from Stanford founded the company in 1986.


  • Consistent protection to networks from any sophisticated threats.
  • Powerful threat prevention capabilities into your existing network infrastructure with Cisco NGFW.
  • Enhanced protection for WFH employees regardless of time, device, and location.
  • Centralised management over firewalls, advanced malware protection intrusion prevention, URL filtering and application control.
  • Innovative dual multicore CPU architecture that helps optimising firewall, threat inspection functions, and cryptographic at the same time.
  • Flexibility to choose from local, centralised, or cloud-based managers fitting your environment and work.


  1. Cisco Firepower 1000 Series
FirePower 1000
  • High performance with thrice higher throughput, deep control to detect and prevent threats swiftly.
  • Encrypted traffic inspection of 70%.
  • Advanced security against hidden threats, advanced malware protection, URL filtering, and next-generation intrusion prevention system.

       Firepower 2100 Series

  • Innovative dual multicore CPU architecture that adds business resiliency and protection.
  • Firewall throughput speeds ranging from 2 Gbps to 8.5 Gbps for port density.
  • Automatic device quarantining and rapid threat containment feature with Cisco ISE.

       Firepower 4100 Series

FirePower 4100
  • Ideal for protecting high-performance campus or data centre environments.
  • Offers high port density and support for 40-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.
  • Low latency and threat inspection throughput up to 45 Gbps.

       Firepower 9300 Series

FirePower 9300
  • Threat inspection throughput from 21 Gbps up to 153 Gbps.
  • Meet the requirements of demanding data centre.