Global software provider for network security, cloud security, security management, end point security and data security. Protecting more than 100,000 organizations worldwide. Highest effectiveness score with 98.4% overall security, 100% block rate according to NSS Labs Breach Prevention Systems (BPS).

Checkpoint Firewall


  • Secure VPN that fosters work from home option.
  • Effective threat mitigation blocking data leaks through SSL inspection.
  • Protection against Zero-day attacks.
  • Excellent option for big companies who earmark more funds for information security.
  • Advantage for small firms to automatically update, block threats through IDS/IPS and logging.


Check Point SandBlast

  • 5G multi-layered protection for enterprises with enhanced anti-ransomware and CPU level emulation capabilities.
  • Get focused SMB strategy with multiple UTM models supporting Internet, 4G/LTE, VDSL interfaces, and built-in routing capabilities.

a. Small Business Security

Variants – 1500 Series Security Gateways for small offices/branches. 1530,1550, 1570, 1590

b. Branch Office Security

  • 1.5 Gbps threat prevention including SandBlast.
  • Top SSL inspection.
  • Optimised CPU utilisation blocking Gen V attacks.

c. Mid-size Enterprise Security

  • Protecting Gen5 attacks with 7.6 Gbps threat prevention.
  • Scaled security upon on-demand.
  • Efficient operations by cutting down management time.

d. Large enterprise Security Gateway

  • Scalable security architecture that gives 15Gbps scalable up to 750Gbps threat prevention performance.

e. Data Center and High-End Enterprise Security Gateways

  • Modern data center protection, threat prevention for hybrid cloud architecture up to 1.5 Terra bps.
  • Models 26000 and 28000 offers 60 security services 30 Gbps threat prevention.

f. High Performance, Scalable Platforms

  • Check Point 44000, 64000 firewalls supporting the need of growing networks offering robust performance.
  • Appropriate for high network capacity modern data centers and Telco’s with 228 million concurrent connections and 9 million sessions/sec.