Know more about Secure Cloud Email Messaging

What are the benefits of Cloud Email Service?
Helps stay up to date with ease, leverage on-the-go style of business needs with the cloud and achieve safety for employees and customers data
Can I configure whitelists / blacklists?
Yes, whitelists & blacklists are available by email address, list or domain names.
What encryption level is being supported currently?
AES 256
How are emails filtered?
Deployed at the network perimeter, all incoming email must pass through all 12 defense layers and are grouped into two major classes: connection management, which involves dropping incoming mail connections before receiving messages, and mail scanning, which analyzes messages upon receipt. During the filtering process, emails are checked for new and familiar spammer attacks, viruses, and customized administrator policy violations. Based on administrator and user preferences, spam can be tagged, quarantined or blocked.
Is there a way to minimize the window of Email Security into the tray bar?
Yes, when you close the main window, it is actually minimized.