Reduce complexities, optimise storage resources

Defence preparedness from unforeseen risks, breaches. easy to use backup solution for you and your customers. Clean interface with jobs, storage and scheduling easy to set up.

  • Great tool for the novice and small businesses who try to maintain documents.
  • External storage devices are easy to add.
  • Backups configuration to use a NAS, SMB, DRIVES with its deduplicity function.
  • Small businesses advantage for backing up DCs, MS Exchange server, ISA Server and File Servers.
  • Capable to recover both physical and virtual workloads
  • BareMetal recovery to dissimilar hardware or across various virtualisation platforms.
  • Can open support tickets via Veritas support portal through phone, online chat etc.
  • Protects the various environment from Virtual, Cloud, Physical risks.
  • Integrates with Info Map helping users see what they have in their DC as well as cloud-enabling them to take relevant actions for data management.
  • Be it a push installation of a backup agent, backup a server, or doing a restore, user can access all functions from the main console.




  • Virtualisation software for enterprise performance and availability.
  • Meeting the demanding performance of databases and BI apps.
  • Easy to extend existing storage to cloud without replacing, but as additional storage tier.
  • Delivering availability, addressing disaster recovery from outrages on premises, cloud or both.

      b. Resiliency Platform

  • Create business resilience locally and on cloud environments.
  • Business level reports to gauge solution’s value.


      a. NetBackup

  • Cloud data protection with more than 60 public cloud storage targets and workloads.
  • Role-based access control blocking unauthorised access.
  • Fast recovery options for business continuity.
  • Data security across on premises, virtual, and cloud environments scalable to any amount of workload.

      b. NetBackup Appliances

  • Integration of multiple components into a single device saving cost.
  • Total net backup for SME workloads.
  • Data protection for remote offices, virtual environments, data centres.
  • Protection from intrusions, malware.
  • When your organisation grows, capacity and performance grow alongside.

      c. Backup Exec

  • No multiple points, entire data management from one console.
  • Disaster recovery by cloud integration of Azure Suite.
  • SaaS workloads and app protection with incremental VM backups.
  • Automated discovery and recovery of VMs.

      d. CloudPoint

  • Flexible enterprise cloud backup with single management console.
  • Managing multi-cloud workloads with automated discovery and backup.
  • Cloud native advantage ruling out rigid backup architecture enabling users to work with existing cloud capabilities.
  • Centralised control with NetBackup 8.1.2 version managing cloud-based snapshots for on premises and public cloud workloads.

      e. SaaS Backup

  • Comprehensive Office 365 and Dynamics 365 data protection.
  • Easy to setup, manage, and restore.
  • Applications 365 – OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Team communication, Emails.
  • Applications 395 – Marketing, sales, service, customer service, automation.

      f. Desktop and Laptop Option

  • Centralised, automated endpoint data protection and recovery for Windows and Mac regardless of connected network.
  • Scalable solutions for single site, multi-site, and remote offices.
  • Continuous backup, automatic detection of network, instant access to backed up data and its download through a web browser.