Kaspersky is the fastest growing IT security company specialising in endpoint security has a presence in 200 countries around the world. Kaspersky Lab stands tall as the first vendor to develop integrated antivirus software for workstations, file servers and application servers running on Linux/FreeBSD operating systems.

Kaspersky Antivirus


  • Kaspersky endpoint protection is specifically for SMEs, SMBs. It supports both Mac and Windows platforms, securing various endpoints across devices and servers.
  • Detect malware, get malicious URL filtering protecting systems/devices from dangerous links.
  • Open protected browser for safe online transactions, get extended security from webcam hijacking.
  • Ensure robust security when registering on new websites, alerting you on any issues.
  • Get powerful administration console, a flexible web-based interface accessible to any static or mobile device anywhere.


Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

  • Business continuity with better time and resource management.
  • Endpoint security regardless of devices like workstations of Windows, Mac, iOS, Android smartphones.
  • Business protection through installation of endpoint software.
  • Monthly subscription option eliminating expenses like licensing, installation, updates etc.
  • Cloud Discovery technology helping you identify uncontrolled cloud IT resources protecting data of the team.
  • Mobile security through web protection, anti-virus protection, password protection, anti-theft management through remote locking.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

  • Enhance security for remote working providing right security for information exchange.
  • Detecting all stages like discovery, intrusion, infection, achieving goals with exposure prevention, pre-execution, runtime control and automated response.
  • Threat detection for endpoints, gateways, containers, and servers.
  • Keeping IT resources under control through Host Intrusion Prevention and cloud enabled web.
  • Access streamlining through unified console with a cloud’ or on premises deployment model.
  • Helping users focus on security events instead of maintenance tasks.
  • Automated EDR technology for protection from targeted attacks.
  • Easy to follow one step upgrade.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced

  • Tested, transparent, personalised, advisor-based solutions against targeted attacks.
  • Detect every abnormal user behaviour and offer unique security for every user.
  • Single console agent for server containers, Email, Web, Linux work stations, virtual machines, android devices, removable storages.
  • Robust protection against software exploits, mobile malware, fileless threats, PowerShell and script-based attacks, Web miners and threats.