ByteMail (SaaS)/Email Security Antispam

Robust next-gen email filtering protection from local email security experts providing email protection for businesses of all sizes. 


  • Efficient filtering of infected emails before they reach user inbox – 100% protection with proactive and reactive defensive system. 
  • Collaborating Zimbra solutions with an Ajax based graphic web interface that combines email, tasking, and documents thereby helping users to enhance productivity with decreased cost.
  • Supports POP, IMAP based apps.
  • Store mails on cloud.


Zimbra & ByteMail 

  • Advanced threat protection against malware, zero-hour, phishing, and spoofing.
  • Options like 1GB – 25GB storage for small businesses at prices ranging from ₹450, ₹650, ₹750, ₹850 per user annually.
  • Archiving unlimited space at ₹650/year.
  • Migrate Outlook, Exchange, Thunderbird apps to cloud through IMAP.


Anti-spoofing through a combination of techniques like:

  • Sender Policy Framework.
  • Reverse DNS (rDNS)
  • Advanced malware protection
  • Zero-hour protection
  • Boundary TLS encryption